About us

The foundation

Herbert Gronitz store 1956Gronitz: Quality and Tradition Begun and Continued.

Born in Markneukirchen, Herbert Gronitz studied the old german tradition of building brass
instruments. His work was not only repair and service-oriented, but also gave special attention
to the building of new brass instruments of all kinds.

In the 1950's and 60's Herbert Gronitz became especially wellknown in Germany for his double
tubas (Bb-F) which numerous new tuba models brought much success to his company.



Generations exchange

After Gronitz's death in 1973, Dietrich Kleine-Horst and Karl F. Guenther, Gronitz's former employees took over the business in 1974. 

Dietrich Kleine-HorstKarl F. Günther

Their development and the reception of piston valve tubas has provided an even further completion of the internationally known,wide range of Gronitz tuba products.


The Present

Since 1995  Gronitz with the cooperation of leading international artists  has also developed and expanded a new line of custom-made, German Bb trumpets and of course, Gronitz offers a full repair service for all brass instruments.

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