Gronitz Hamburg

Our trumpets are handmade instruments inspired partly by traditional models
(handmade braces, lead bent bell).

By employing different materials and manufacturing techniques we obtain a great diversity in characteristics of sound and response.

The manufacturing of our instruments in three major parts (bell, valves, tuning slide) allows to combine them for your individual specifications.



Gronitz B-Trrumpet

  • an instrument with a powerful sound
  • gold brass bell with narrow bell garland
  • handcrafted braces
  • Meinlschmidt valves
  • rotor in classic style
  • double-sided tuning slide trigger
  • two intonation keys

This trumpet is played by Sava Stoianov, a member of ensemble modern, Frankfurt on the Main.

Gronitz B-Trumpet detail01

Gronitz B-Trumpet Detail02

Gronitz B-Trumpet detail03

Price: 4.633,00 €


B-trumpet - model Christoph Bärwind

Gronitz B-Trumpet model Chr. Bärwind

Website of German Brass

  • an instrument with a comfortable blowing resistance and a sonorous, harmonic sound, “sound with a core“
  • a trumpet inspired by traditional models
  • rotor in classic style, bore 11,4 mm, Meinlschmidt valves
  • 3rd valve trigger with separate tuning slide

The trumpet player Christoph Bärwind is a member of the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra and of German Brass

B-Trumpet model Chr. Baerwind detail01

B-Trumpet model Chr. Baerwind detail02

B-Trumpet model Chr. Baerwind detail03


Price: 3.294,00 €



Gronitz B-Trumpet silver

  • an instrument for relaxed playing that still offers a carrying sound
  • gold brass bell with narrow bell garland, bell diameter 130 mm
  • Zirnbauer valves, bore 11,2 mm
  • leadpipe with two braces to stabilize the sound

This model is played by Martin Frieß, a member of the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra.

Gronitz B-Trumpet silver detail01

Gronitz B-Trumpet silver detail02

Gronitz B-Trumpet silver detail03

Price: 3.424,00 €



Gronitz C-Trumpet

  • a delicate instrument with all qualities of an 885 g trumpet
  • it has a very fast response, yet it offers enough blowing resistance for  controlled playing
  • gold brass bell, plate thickness 0,4 mm, bell diameter 125 mm
  • Zirnbauer valves, bore 11,0 mm

This C-trumpet is played by Eckhard Schmidt, a member of the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra and professor at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre.

Gronitz C-Trumpet detail01

Gronitz C-Trumpet detail02

Gronitz C-Trumpet detail03

Price: 3.948,00 €


trumpet - sound features

Gronitz Trompeten Specials 01

ML - clear, brilliant sound

MLZ: rotor in classic style - slightly darker, compact sound

ML: handcrafted brace - full, mellow sound

MLZ: handcrafted brace, rotor in classic style - sonorous, harmonic sound, "sound with a core"

Gronitz Trompeten Spezielles 01

Gronitz Trompeten Spezielles 02

Gronitz Trompeten Spezielles 03




2.975,- €

6 handcrafted braces

 570,- €

Additional leadpipe

 132,- €

Intonation keys

 154,- €

Double-sided tuning slide trigger

 485,- €

Silver Plate

 295,- €


 165,- €


Any questions?

Gronitz Hamburg - Karl F. GüntherMr Günther is looking forward to answering your call.

Phone: +49 (0) 40 - 89 16 49


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